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About company


"LVZ Saikhun" Ltd was formed on May 2, 1977. It is a modern enterprise equipped with the cutting edge equipment, which allows producing a wide range of high quality vodkas and liqueurs, meeting the most severe requirements to the quality of products and nourishing at the same time the old recipes and unique traditions. During the years of successful work, we have been able to obtain a good reputation among our partners, as well as consumers' confidence and their loyalty to the brands of the factory.

Nowadays, "LVZ Saikhun" Ltd is among the largest producers of the distilled spirits in Tajikistan and is one of the leading producers of the distilled spirits in the Sogd region as per volumes of sold products. The company is proud of its efficient distribution system, by which products are represented all over Tajikistan. Constant enlargement of the product portfolio ensures the availability of "LVZ Saikhun" Ltd factory products in all price segments.

The constant pursuit of perfection ensures that we daily make new steps to the top of perfect quality. The growing success of the company depends on the constant modernization of production and control systems. To ensure the safety of products by the production, we implement the quality management system providing for control of raw materials, storage and sale of products at all process stages.